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We warmly welcome you to our website (www.karaz.com.sa), an e-commerce platform that allows users to purchase products. These Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions that enable you as a natural or legal person; Accessing our website (www.karaz.com.sa), services and applications such as our mobile application. These Terms of Use also apply in addition to all of our other terms and policies including, without limitation, the Terms of Sale, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Replacement and Return Policy, Warranty Policy, our “Legal Documents”. By accessing, registering and/or using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and all legal documents with immediate effect. The pronoun “you” (or similar) in the Terms of Sale, or Terms of Use; You will refer to “you” as a natural or legal person. Please review all of our terms, policies, and legal documents carefully before registering, or placing any order on our site; Because once you place an order, or continue to register and accept these Terms, you will automatically be bound by these Terms with immediate effect. We also reserve the right to update our Services and legal documents at our sole discretion without being liable to you.

Registration conditions:

  1. You acknowledge that you are fully legally and legally qualified to register on our site and act in accordance with our terms, and you also acknowledge that we have the right to withdraw your account in Karaz in the event that we suspect that you may be – without limitation – under the legal age.
  2. Provide a valid delivery address within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; to deliver the products. Additionally, you acknowledge the following:
    • The user is prohibited from registering more than one account in Karaz.
    • We reserve the right to refuse any registration without giving reasons.
  3. Once you complete the registration process, your account will continue for an indefinite period unless you breach these Terms. In this case; Your account will be suspended, or terminated, and we reserve the right not to provide reasons for this.

Your obligations:

  1. When you register, access and use our Site, and use the Applications and Services, you acknowledge and agree that:
    • You are solely responsible for your account details including account passwords, for maintaining the confidentiality of such information and for notifying us immediately of any unauthorized use. You agree not to share your account data with anyone.
    • Provide us with accurate and correct information if we ask you at any time.
  2. When you register, access our Site, and use the Applications and Services, you acknowledge and agree that you will not:
    • Post, include, or upload, any content or material that is inappropriate, prohibited, or in violation in general and in particular Islamic Sharia, regulations, laws, customs, and traditions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or in violation of the activities of Karaz.
    • Violate any law, third party rights, or any of our terms and conditions including legal documents.
    • Refuse to pay for the products you have purchased.

Intellectual property rights:
For the purposes of promoting and marketing for Karaz, and operating it in accordance with these Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy, you agree to the following:

  • You agree that you do not have any rights to use any of our trademarks, or any content, on the Site or Applications, including but not limited to: graphics, logos, images, videos, audio clips, and downloads We, or our licensors, retain all rights and title to the Site, the Applications, the Services, and all intellectual property rights.
  • all rights not expressly set forth in these Terms of Use; are reserved to us by us or our licensors.

legal responsibility:
You agree that we are not liable for any damages or losses arising directly or indirectly from:

  • Your inability to use our website, apps, or services.
  • Delays or malfunctions in our website, apps, or services.
  • Damage to your device from use of our Site, applications, services, content, actions, or inactivity of third parties using our Site, Applications or Services
  • Comment or other action taken by us in connection with your use of the Website, the Application and the Services.
  • Content, pricing, shipping, format, or any other instructions and information provided by us or used in product listings.
  • Faults, errors, or inaccuracies of any kind in our Services, or viruses or other malware, obtained by accessing or linking to our Site, Applications, or Services.

Report violations of the Terms of Use:

We are committed to ensuring that the products and content on the Site comply with these Terms of Use. If the contained content does not fit these Terms of Use please notify us via legal contact email: cs@karaz.com.sa and we will properly investigate each report and take appropriate action.

General Provisions:

Applicable Law: These Terms of Use and any non-contractual rights or obligations arising therefrom or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism: If you have any issues with our services, please contact us. We will work hard to solve your problem as soon as possible. Any disputes, or controversies relating to these Terms of Use, including any related non-contractual rights or duties, shall be settled by the competent authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the city of Riyadh.

Third Party Rights: A person who is not part of these Terms of Use has no right to enforce any of their Terms.

Summary of Terms of Use: These Terms of Use and the documents and policies referenced or incorporated herein by reference contain the entire agreement between the parties with respect to the subject matter and override all prior written or oral agreements, negotiations and offers relating to their subject matter. Except as provided in these Terms of Use and the documents referred to or incorporated in these Terms of Use by reference, there are no direct, indirect, express or implied conditions, representations, warranties, representations or agreements between the parties. , or implied.

Modifications: We, at our sole discretion, reserve the right to amend, change, modify or supplement these Terms of Use at any time, and your continued use of the Services in the event of any changes constitutes your agreement to be bound by the revised Terms of Use.

Force Majeure: Both parties shall be exempted from liability for any loss, damage, delay or failure to perform; due to acts beyond the control of any of the parties whether or not such acts could have been foreseen (including force majeure, actions of legislatures, epidemics, judicial or regulatory proceedings, a court or regulatory authority, or the actions of any our external contractors or any third parties providing us with goods, services, work disruptions, blackouts, or embargoes).